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Eating animal foods typically weakens the system to the point where hypoglycemia and diabetes manifest, but (aside from the obviously dangerous white sugar and high fructose corn syrup) cooked hybridized plant starch is the real culprit. Hypoglycemia and diabetes are caused by eating cooked hybrid starchy foods, the worst of which includes: white or wheat breads, beer, cooked corn of all types, stewed carrots, refined (beet) sugar, baked potatoes, white rice, French fries, cookies, potato chips, etc. All these food types contain hybrid sugars the liver does not fully recognize and cannot regulate. These sugars send the glycemic index of the blood shooting sky-high causing either too much or too little insulin to be secreted by the pancreas (reference the Glycemic Index Chart in Lesson 11: The Secret Revealed).

Hypoglycemia is a condition where too much insulin is secreted into the blood by the pancreas to control blood sugar. Too much insulin in the blood causes blood sugar to drop too rapidly causing mood swings and erratic behavior. Avocados contain a seven-carbon sugar that depresses insulin production, which make them an excellent choice for people with hypoglycemia.

Diabetes (type II) is one-step beyond hypoglycemia, when too little insulin is secreted into the blood. This is an eliminatory process of unused and/or unassimilable sugars, with the pancreas for a time stopping its secretions of insulin so the cells can unload their stocks of undesirable sugars into the bloodstream, and from there send the sugars into the urine to be eliminated. By stepping in at the critical moment and blocking this purge, injected chemical insulin forces the body to live with unacceptable sugars it can hardly tolerate, without being able to dismiss them.

To restore a healthy pancreatic condition, find the center in The Sunfood Triangle. Use good sweet fruits (with seeds) to boost the blood sugar when you feel it is dropping. Fats can be used to thicken up the blood if blood sugars rise too quickly. Green-leaves and especially fresh green vegetable juice eventually provide the body with the alkaline protein and minerals it needs to restore itself to a healthy metabolism.

If you are on insulin injections, please contact a naturopathic doctor to devise a plan to wean yourself from insulin.

It takes years to heal a diabetic condition, but it can be healed by staying the path. When I was on The Dating Game, I met one of the show producers backstage. We started talking about raw foods. She told me her roommate had diabetes and was just beginning to get interested in raw-food nutrition. I called her roommate and we became fast friends. After about 8 months of detoxification

Chlorophyll: Green-Leafy Vegetables

The G

Sunfood Triangle


Fatty Fruits, Nuts Coconuts, Seeds

Sugars: Sweet Fruits

The Sunfood Triangle: The Center Point Ratio Key: (Chlorophyll:Sugar:Fat)

and natural foods, while working with a Natural Hygiene practitioner in the Los Angeles area, she was able to stop taking insulin for the first time in 8 years!

My young friend Sergei Boutenko was diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes at age 9. this was after he collapsed into a near coma from bingeing on Halloween candy. The doctors said he would have to go on insulin for the rest of his life. His mother, Victoria, became determined and set out to find a better way. She asked every body! Finally, in line one day (two weeks after Sergei's collapse) at the local natural food store, she randomly asked the woman in front of her if she knew anything about helping a child with juvenile onset diabetes. The woman told Victoria she had to get the child on The Raw-Food Diet immediately, and recommended some books by Ann Wigmore. Sergei went raw immediately, his whole family soon followed suit. Within two months he was completely back to normal.

Sergei first visited me in January 1998. he spent a week at my house helping me with business and just having fun (he's now 14 years old). Sergei, his sisters, and parents travel around the United States and Canada catering raw-foods events and teaching people the incredible benefits of The Raw-Food Diet. To have them host an event for you, please contact the Nature's First Law office.

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