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Every living organism is vibrating at a certain metabolic level. If the internal energy of the organism drops below a certain level, then the immune system is compromised. Illness is an energy crisis in the body - the body no longer has enough energy to hold together its integrity. Purifying the body through a balanced raw-food diet raises the energy vibration, thus increasing the immune system.

Chronic disease has one true cause: toxemia. Toxemia is an accumulation of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical waste, mucus, and various residues in the organism.

To combat disease by attempting to destroy germs is a folly. Germs are found everywhere; they enter and exit the body, all the time, every day. They co-exist symbiotically with the human body.

Only when the human body is toxic, do germs become threatening. As the saying goes, "The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything."

Chemical drugs and medicines do not heal, they only cause harm. All chemical drugs and medicines, with the exception of aspirin, have been (and still are) tested on innocent animals. Remember the foundation law? Things produce after their own kind. The torture and suffering of animals in useless attempts to find cures for diseases dose not good, actually it can only do bad - it only produces more of its own kind: more torture and suffering...more disease.

True therapeutics involves releasing the power within each person to heal. It is not the disease which must be stopped, but the poisoning of the body by an unhealthy lifestyle. For a complete healing to take place, the body must experience: laughter, joy , excellent nourishment, and a newfound desire to learn and keep the mind active.

Relaxation is also a factor in overcoming disease. More people die on Monday morning than on any other day of the week or any other time. Stress accelerates illness as it causes the eliminative organs and the muscular system to constrict and hold onto toxicity and metabolic waste. A proper diet will help immensely as certain foods (such as green-leafy vegetables) help to open up constricted muscles and certain other foods (such as juicy fruits) help to flush out the toxicity.

The emphasis here with diet is on removing the physical residue, on cleansing through proper diet. Once the physical body (the anchor) is put in tune - all the other bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual) line up and begin to cleanse as well. It is simple. It is real. It works.

A pure raw-planet diet assists the body's cleansing efforts in the most natural way by eliminating any toxicity from entering the system and by simultaneously moving toxicity through the lymph and blood and out of the body through the eliminative organs (the bowels, kidneys, skin, sinuses, and lungs). A purification of the diet enforces a self-healing and a radical whole-body rejuvenation.

As you apply the health and diet system in this book, you may find that the common cold, flus, fever, grogginess, etc., are all actually efforts by the body to eliminate physical waste; they are symptoms of a body in the process of healing itself. When you have mastered this health and diet system, you will have overcome the major illnesses. You will no longer experience colds, flus, fevers, etc. They will all be looked at as part of a pas and unusual way of life.

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