Forever clashing with the wise Is the spirit that denies!

And to that Power never reposing, Creative, healing Doubt is opposing!

Doubt is a liar, A burden endured.

From the gilden path, Manner are lured, In treacherous compassion, With flame-twisted word, The mind becomes clouded, and -Eden lies obscured.

The doubter can and shall never obtain anything. The abundance of the world is forever closed to the doubter. A doubter can never know truth, can never make a determined act. Doubt is pernicious as it destroys the climate of your life. If you be anything, be not a doubter. Only through faith are things granted. Faith is the one command which overrides doubt.

Embrace faith and you automatically master fear. Faith is the one power against which fear cannot stand.

Strong faith creates a positive attitude. Success seems to be connected with attitude. If your attitude is strong, powerful, attractive, and graceful, you can achieve any success you desire!

What the people need more than anything is faith: faith in themselves, faith in their fellows, faith in the power and goodness of Nature, faith in the healing powers of raw plant foods, faith in the divine powers.

All the greatest beings who ever strolled through Earth's gardens have been people of transcendent faith. Every one of them had a tranquil attitude and calm belief in the helpful powers of invisible forces. These forces are always available to everyone!

Those who desire health must have faith, for those who have faith have everything.

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