No two lives are alike, each attempts to unfold a divine pattern, a great and holy destiny, a unique form of abundance. As you live true to your own deeply-known destiny, you will radiate as perfectly and as beautifully as the most divine wild fruit tree. No one can stop you from reaching your highest potential, if you will but follow your own true pattern of life.

Wasted is every thought, feeling, or vibration which is out of harmony with your true pattern of life. Learn to live by the pattern of life which is contained within you. You already know what it is. Now it is time for you to remember.

I have found my own true pattern of life is not that of an ascetic peace-lover wandering in bliss. I am animated by strong Sun-fired passions. I am driven by an overpowering internal fire. I will draw the line and take a stand. I feel that this is true to who I am and to try and be otherwise, based on some model of cooked spirituality, is not true for me. I live my life with a great intensity to bring this beautiful raw-vegetarian lifestyle to the world.

There is a force which wants you to realize your destiny; it wets your appetite with a taste of success. For it is not only possible that you have your dream - it is necessary.

The closer you get to realizing your destiny, the more your destiny becomes your true reason for being. When your desire is highest in intensity, then you are closest to the true spirit of the world. When you want something so powerfully that literally nothing can stop you, then you have found your mission on Earth and all the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

Life is generous to those who pursue their destiny. Those who live out their destiny know everything they need to know. Pursue your aspirations and goals in every moment and one day your destiny will be realized!

To attract health, wealth, peace of mind, emotional beauty, and spiritual fulfillment, do - all the time - what you do best. That is the path to incredible success in life, and is always the path of least resistance. You are more apt to succeed when you do what comes naturally. Develop your life's dreams along the line of least resistance. Is this not how the potent seedling sunders the cement?

Tilt your head and listen, now is the time to finally hear the unmistakable invitation ringing down the years - the call of your destiny. For the sake of a future for us all here on Earth...DO ONLY WHAT YOU WERE PUT HERE TO DO!

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