• V quart (1/2 liter) of fruit juice containing: apple and pears. Mix with 3 teaspoons of flax or hemp seed oil if desired. Afternoon:
  • 10 pitted dates, 1 avocado, and lettuce in a mixed salad. Squeeze an orange into the salad as dressing.
  • 1 bowl of hummus (preferably raw) eaten with celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers.


  • 2 persimmons.
  • Assorted green leaves (lettuce, spinach, endive).


• Nori rolls! Be creative! (see Appendix C: Sunfood Recipes and here: [6-8 sheets of raw, sun-dried (not toasted) nori seaweed, 2-3 avocados, 1 bunch of clover sprouts, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1 cucumber. Dice all ingredients. Mix avocados, clover, cilantro, and cucumber into a flat spread on the nori sheets. Roll each sheet tightly with a sushi mat. Cut into bite size portions. Add raw soy sauce (nama shoyu) if desired.])

Present Power

Present Power

Learning About Present Power Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success. Harnessing The Moment For Maximum Results. Consider our youngsters; they do not have a care in creation as they live for the moment. I question why we don't learn from youngsters instead of going between past tense and future tense.

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