• One medium or large papaya eaten whole or blended with fresh orange or lime juice.


  • 1 large bowl of Sequoia's Calcium Soup (see Appendix C: Sunfood Recipes and here: [10 kale leaves (preferably dinosaur kale), 1 handful of parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/3 of a red onion, 2 lemons, 1 avocado, 1 tomato, 2 yellow bell peppers, 1 handful of dulse strips, V teaspoon celtic sea salt, 1 tablespoon of unpasteurized miso, 3 tablespoons of flax oil, 20 pumpkin seeds. Shave the outer skin of the lemons leaving the white pith intact. While blending all ingredients, add distilled water to reach a thick, soupy consistency.]) (Make a thick, hearty raw soup, and enjoy until satiated!)
  • 15 water-soaked almonds



  • Large salad containing 80% green-leafed vegetables, 2 avocados, and an orange squeezed as dressing.
  • Cooked quinoa eaten with unpasteurized soy sauce (nama shoyu). Baked squash may be included in this meal.
  • 1 quart (1 liter) of freshly made vegetable juice containing at least 60% green vegetables, 40% other vegetables or fruits (i.e. apple, cucumber, yam, etc.)
All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets can be great way to not only lose weight but also led a much healthier, natural lifestyle in general. Most raw food diets are plant based with at least 75% of the diet composed of raw food.

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