Courage Versus Conformity

People do not lack courage, they simply are overburdened by an abundance of conformity. Persistence requires courage, while quitting requires conformity.

It is better by far to live a vital life of commitment, rather than a shallow existence of compromise. After you commit to your goals, then you begin to move down a new trial, paths will open up to you that you never would have seen before. You will discover how you will become something more.

Keep in mind that the higher you rise, the greater and more clever is your opposition, and the greater will be the pressure to compromise. Always return to the basics when doubts arise. As I mentioned earlier, the greatest sports coaches the world has ever seen taught the basics over and over and over again. Practice the fundamentals daily. Conquer the critics by mastering fundamentals.

Have the raw courage to stand out. The great vice of the ages is conformity. Be strong and fear not, for all obstruction melts away before real strength of deed and sincerity of character. When you triumph, thrice blessed are you. Glory and honor be unto those who have the courage to win.

The time has come when every individual must rise from the slumber of indifference, from the orthodox complacency of the standard rules and regulations of society, and reach out, pioneering new fields of beautiful, ethical, and spiritual progress. It is now time to experience the incredible majesty of living.



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