Cooked Starches

Cooked starches (breads, pastas, cakes, rice, corn chips, potato chips, baked potatoes, popcorn, cookies) are typically the last cooked foods to go for most people as they transition into raw foods. This is because cooked starch is the most addictive and the most blood-sugar-altering food. LifeFood nutritionist Dr. David Jubb has pointed out that starch does not appear in foods growing wildly, starch develops as foods are genetically cross-bred and hybridized (see Lesson 16: Hybrid Food).

A diet heavy in cooked starch over many decades can cause arteriosclerosis, hardening of the blood vessels, ossification of the tissues and joints, skin thickening, and premature aging. As professor Arnold Ehret pointed out, the reason a cooked-meat eater might live longer than a starch-eating vegetarian is because the first produces less obstructions than the starchy overeater; but the meat-eater's later diseases are always more dangerous because of the accumulated poisons, pus and uric acid found in the meats.

To help overcome addictions to cooked starch, one can switch to dehydrated starchy foods. Every little discipline adds upon every other. Another useful tool is to combine sweet fruits and fats together in a meal. For example, oranges can be eaten with avocado or apples with nuts. This simulates the gradual sugar release from the breakdown of complex carbohydrates (cooked starch) in digestion.

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