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After many years of careful study and investigation on the subject, I am convinced that the "the great change" which came over humankind occurred when humans took the power of fire into their own hands and began experimenting with eating cooked food.

Exactly when and where humans acquired fire is truly a mystery. Fire allowed early humans to begin to control their environment and spread out into more inhospitable places. Those with fire eventually overcame or passed it along to those without it. Whether it was the open flame or the tribal oven formed of red-hot stones paved into an oval hollow in the ground, fire became part of every tribe on Earth. But fire is a double-edged sword; unless one is careful with its power, it can turn on its master.

The world was given for us to turn into a paradise. To make this happen, cooked food needs to be understood for what it is, its consumption minimized, and its use eventually released from the human diet.

The assumption behind cooking is that the original form of Nature, as it exists, must be altered in order that it may be reformed to a new artificial form. The truth is that the original state is always superior. The bite-sized portions of an orange cannot be improved upon!

The raw-versus-cooked distinction is the most important insight in the field of nutrition

Cooking alters organic molecules. When those molecules are ingested they become part of the tissues. Thus cooking alters the tissues at a fundamental level.

When food is cooked it always becomes less than it was before, never more. Fire is a destroyer; it never creates anything. If you took a flame thrower to this book, would it become more or less than it was before? Cooking only takes away. Eating cooked food is like spending millions of dollars on a brand new mansion, then burning it to the ground before you move in!

Understand: you are water - electrified water. Everything you swallow, must be broken down into a liquid to nourish you. The first thing to go with cooking is the water.

Cooked food is dense. It leaves a toxic ash, or residue, in the body after it has been processed as fuel. Over years and decades, this debris accumulates in the form of mucus and is deposited throughout the tissues. Eventually, the toxins reach a crisis level and clog and poison the system leading to heart attacks, stroke, and caner. Disease arises out of the toxic residues left by cooking foods.

One of the primary ways your body experiences the world around you is by the food you eat. What does the body sense when one puts a charred piece of animal flesh inside it? The body feels death, pain, fire, destruction.

A cooked seed will not grow. Cooked food has no life-force energy. Cooked food has no spiritual energy.

People on a standard cooked-food diet go through life in a weakened condition with their vitality much below par, but they are not aware of this because they have never known anything different. They have no reason to believe their vitality and health are not what they should be. They cannot miss what they never had. People are falling day by day to weaker levels, while believing they are attaining a high standard of living.

Eating cooked and processed foods makes one groggy, affects moods, lowers one's level of awareness, and interferes with the body's optimal vitality. A poor diet results in toxic residues that have a long-range effect on longevity.

The nutritional properties of foods are degraded by the process of cooking. Heading converts foods into foreign substances which become harmful. Just like tobacco smoke, or brewed alcohol, these substances have no connection with the body's natural needs.

Cooked food is addictive (there really is no softer way to describe it). An addiction is a desire for a substance that has no connection with the true desires of the body. Eating cooked food has all the marks of a physiochemical addiction. This is a strong statement, but I think, as you experiment with eating more and more raw plant foods, you will find an interesting truth in it.

People are not truly attached to many of the cooked foods they eat. They eat them for flavor or fun. I have found with most people I have worked with that there are usually 5 or 6 cooked foods that they are actually addicted to and have trouble releasing. These usually include: bread, baked potatoes, coffee, potato chips, corn chips, tofu, candy (chocolate), cigarettes (not a true food), and/or fish. Typically these foods are attached to emotional anchors. When these foods are removed emotional feelings come up to be detoxified out of the body. One may feel uncomfortable for the moment (as these feelings are released), but feel much better in the long-term. (More on this in Lesson 10: Detoxification.)

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