Common Cold

Once your body is significantly detoxified by eating a balanced Sunfood Diet you will experience fewer and fewer flus and colds. An old saying goes: "You don't catch a cold; you eat a cold." Cooked foods and animal foods can depress the immune system making one susceptible to illnesses. Raw plant foods strengthen the immune system. Consider the ramifications of this startling fact in terms of saved time, energy, and expense!

Typically, cold symptoms make their appearance when the seasons change. When the seasons change, the body becomes more sensitive and detoxifies toxins more rapidly. Paul Bragg, the life-extension specialist, recommended in his books to fast four times a year (for seven days) during each change of seasons. As you purify your diet, take note of the seasonal appearance of colds, it will provide you with some interesting insights.

I know not everyone is ready right now to make a radical improvement in their diet, so I have provided my Cantaloupe Cold Cure." I have prescribed this to many people over the years. I often hear their thanks days, weeks, even months later. If you or a loved on has a cold that just seems to hang on, try the following:

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