Common Ancestors

Darwinists assume that the relationship between, say, bats and whales is similar to that between siblings and cousins in human families. Possibly it is, but the proposition is not self-evident.We observe directly that apples fall when dropped, but we do not observe a common ancestor for modern apes as humans. What we do observe is that apes and humans are physically and biochemically more like each other than they are like rabbits, snakes, or trees. The ape-like common ancestor is a hypothesis in a theory, which purports to explain how these greater and lesser similarities came about. The theory is plausible, especially to a philosophical materialist, but it may nonetheless be false. The true explanation for natural relationships may be something much more mysterious."

-- Philip E. Johnson, Darwin On Trial

Based on the fossil record, the general picture of plant and animal history is a burst of general body forms followed by stasis or extinction. We may hypothesize that relationships between these forms come from common ancestors, or from ancestors which were transformed by some means other than the accumulation of small mutations, or from some process altogether beyond the scope of human understanding at this point.

Neo-darwinism (the present-day evolution philosophy) has chosen the common ancestor idea as the key to understanding the relationship between the great classes of living beings. This is a philosophical deduction based on materialist misconceptions and is not a fact. If neo-darwinists truly wanted to be scientific, they would have to define the common ancestry idea as an empirical fact rather than as a "logical" deduction from material classifications of species.

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