Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy speeds up detoxification. It allows a great amount of toxicity to be flushed out quickly, so we can continue with our daily lives without enduring extreme detoxification symptoms. I recommend beginning The Sunfood Diet and/or any healing regime with a series of colonics. Colon hydrotherapy is simple, painless, and discreet.

Trips to the colon hydrotherapist may replace trips to the doctor. That habit of regularly visiting a colon hydrotherapist will extend your life and increase your health. The raw-foodist Dr. Norman Walker had two series of 6 colon cleanses done every year of the second half of his life...he lived to be at least 109 (some say older). I've found that one colonic every 4-6 months has been effective for me. At the initial stages, I would recommend a series of 4 to 6 sessions even if you feel like you do not need it.

The primary goal of colon hydrotherapy is to remove encrusted mucus (which feeds parasites and poisons the system) from the colon wall. The secondary goal is to allow the liver to flush and release. The first time I ever had a colonic done, at the very end of the session, my liver released a yellow fluid (a standard colon hydrotherapy displays a clear tube which allows one to see exactly what is being eliminated from the colon). I felt a jump in vitality immediately. I later intuitively concluded that what was released was beer residue of some type, because I could never drink a beer again after that moment.

Colon hydrotherapy is a way to keep our colon mechanically operating properly, it is not a crutch to help us eliminate. Good elimination comes from eating a healthy raw-food diet rich in green leaves and fruit.

The growth of healthy bacterial flora can be assisted in the colon by eating raw foods, especially unwashed garden plants, wild plants, and/or fermented foods. A probiotic (a culture of beneficial bacteria) in powder or liquid form and a supplement of soil-based organisms will work more effectively to restore harmonious digestive conditions and reverse problems with an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. The best combination of probiotics and soil organisms in a matrix of raw-alkaline nutritionally-packed superfoods can be found in a product designed to my specifications by HealthForce founder, Jameth Dina, N.D., called Nature's First Food (please see the Resources section at the end of this book or call 888-RAW-FOOD for more information about this product.)

Aside from colon hydrotherapy, you may also speed up the detoxification process by doing enemas coupled with fasting on lemon-water or green-leafy vegetable juice.

You alkalinize your blood by taking in green-leafy vegetable juices, which increase the blood's electricity. Electricity increases the solubility of the blood. The more solubility in the blood, the more undigested and misappropriated minerals it can suspend, remove, and metabolize or eliminate. Chlorophyll and the alkaline compounds in green-leafy vegetables can combine with heavy metals and foreign chemicals in the body to form salts which will allow the body to wash them out. I have coached and worked with many people who have overcome mercury and chemical poisoning by eating raw plant foods, especially green-vegetable juice.

The Enzymes Effect

The Enzymes Effect

Enzymes which are usually proteins help to begin, aid in and accelerate every chemical reaction in the human body. Enzymes are the bodys main workforce, much like a construction company building a skyscraper.

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