If we think of food as body fuel, then we can understand that the energy provided by food is measured in calories. According to the current standards, a male adult requires about 18 calories per day, per pound (40 calories per kg) of body weight. Women require about 16 calories per pound (35.5 calories per kg) of body weight, growing children and teenagers require about 20 calories per day, per pound (44.4 calories per kg) of body weight. An increase in caloric needs follows from exercise. For example, a 165-pound (74.3 kg) male may need 2,970 calories for a normal day's routine. However, if the same man engages in vigorous exercise throughout the day, caloric needs may double, up to 5,940 calories.

As an example, I will analyze Day 1 of the Fall/Winter diet plan I have outlined below to demonstrate that enough calories are available on The Sunfood Diet:

Menu Item


2 young coconuts (spoon-meat & water)

= 800

8 oranges

= 1 000

3 avocados

= 1 350

1 large bowl of spinach

= 150

4 cucumbers

= 100

4 tomatoes

= 150

4 green onions

= 25

1 lemon

= 75

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