Boost The Immune System

How To Bolster Your Immune System

Immune System Boosters

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2 cloves of garlic

1 slice of ginger

1 handful of parsley

4 pears

1 ounce (30 ml) of organic stone-crush, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil

Process all ingredients through a juicer, except for the olive oil, which can be stirred in with a spoon, or blended into the juice. Garlic and ginger are natural antibiotics that assist the immune system. Parsley is rich in iron to build strong red-blood corpuscles. Pear contains pectin which will stimulate a bowel movement, helping to drain the lymphatic system of toxins. Olive oil provides excellent monounsaturated fats the body needs to build strong white blood corpuscles. In my own diet, I include a habanero pepper in my immune system juice, you may want to try adding some hot pepper.

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How To Bolster Your Immune System

How To Bolster Your Immune System

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