Benefits Of The Sunfood Diet

Every so often in history an idea comes along that revolutionizes everything which follows it. The discovery of The Raw-Food Diet is one of those ideas. The implications of raw nutrition on humankind are immense.

We do not just need information to achieve success, we need transformation. The Sunfood Diet rebuilds you at the most fundamental levels and transforms you in a most profound way. The Sunfood Diet is peerless. Once an individual enters its field, every other power opens up.

A diet of raw plant food puts you in touch with a new vital power. In the source of every vital power lies an endless abundance. A diet of raw plant food presents a whole new paradigm of health, health success, and possibility. Since The Sunfood Diet is the natural way of life, it brings with it beauty, happiness, long-life, and prosperity!

We know that the more perfectly clean your body, the more perfectly it will radiate your supernatural powers. The first things to evaporate in a toxic environment are the super-natural abilities provided to us at birth. These powers are possessed by wild animals, and formerly by humanity. As soon as the body begins to be poisoned, the powers slip away. In any biological degeneration, the higher powers fade first. However, your natural superior abilities have not been totally destroyed by improper food, they are only dormant, and are capable of rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection.

One of the greatest values of The Sunfood Diet is that it opens you up to the idea that many of your other deep-seated beliefs may be totally false. The effects of adopting The Sunfood Diet disassembles your view of the world. Once you experience that eating cooked and artificially grown food immediately detracts from the normal function of your body, you will begin to question many other aspects of your belief system. So, The Sunfood Diet acts like a battering ram crumbling away the stagnated belief systems of your mind. It allows you to grow in new directions you never would have predicted. You will be ready to try new things and to test new approaches to life's daily challenges.

... we do not know what life really is, we only know how we represent life to ourselves. When you naturalize your diet, you automatically tune into a different energy band of life. You allow more information from your higher self to penetrate your conscious mind. And what you consider reality will change. Naturalizing your diet aligns and strips away mineral debris from the master gland in your brain (the pineal gland) allowing insights from infinite intelligence to flow more clearly into your thoughts.

Different foods fuel different perceptions of the world. Eating raw plant foods automatically tunes you in to a positive, prosperous energy band of life. In Nature, there are potions, mixtures, and solutions with which any one may safely stimulate their minds to tune in to inspirational thoughts. Nature's stimulants cannot be improved upon. Nothing can compare to the aristocratic taste of a ripe cherimoya, nothing can touch the rush from fresh watermelons in the summer, nothing even resembles the energy derived from a meal of jackfruit.

Raw nutrition attunes you to the forces that surround us, permeate through our bodies, and that make up the essence of our existence. When you eat raw plant foods, your instincts become stronger. Your intuition becomes more reliable - clearer - and decision-making becomes effortless. I literally feel as if I have not made a bad decision in years; I go with my intuition every time; I have learned the only thing we have which is not an illusion is our intuition.

During the process of undertaking The Sunfood Diet, you will experience moments of instantaneous change. I recall one afternoon, sever years ago, when my health partner, R.C. Dini, and I were juicing citrus fruits and feijoa (pineapple guava) at my home in San Diego. We were in the middle of drinking a pitcher, when we both simultaneously exclaimed, "I can see better!" And we could see better. My vision permanently improved that day.

During the process you will also experience subtle change. Over time the subtlety builds, and one day you will wake up profoundly transformed. In general, food choices have a cumulative effect on the body.

The digestion of cooked food takes more energy from the body than any other activity. You could run a marathon and still be walking and talking. However, an hour after a Thanksgiving dinner, guess what? are asleep! We know that all success is about transmuting energy. This message is about transmuting the energy used in digestion into achieving our goals.

On the Sunfood Diet you need less sleep. I used to sleep 8 hours a night. I was the type of person who had to sleep 8 hours. Since adopting The Sunfood Diet, my sleep needs decreased to 3 hours at a minimum to 6 hours at a maximum. On the average, judging from the information I have gathered, the people following this diet experience a decrease of 2 hours of sleep each night. In one year, that is an additional 30 days worth of extra time to accomplish goals and make a contribution to the planet.

The amazing thing about The Sunfood Diet is that it is something you can physically do. You do not have to think too hard about it, you can just do it.

After you have made the commitment to radically improve your diet, you subconsciously reinforce in your mind that your life has meaning and that striving for extraordinary health is worth the effort. You have made a commitment to really living life.

The strongest factor about The Sunfood Diet is that it compels you to live naturally and in harmony with the Earth.

If we pollute the planet after we eat with food packaging, then we truly are not living in harmony with the Earth. Eating raw fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods is the solution to world pollution. Landfills are filled with products directly or indirectly related to cooked and processed foods, such as: packaging, wrappers, bags, old stoves, microwaves, etc. One of the most startling revelations I experienced on this diet-path was that I stopped producing trash! My life has become more harmonious with the Earth.

By following this diet, you may one day find yourself in your garden or home planting seeds and growing plants. The home of the Sunfoodist is often surrounded with radiant plant life. Eating raw foods truly reconnects you to the fabric of life.

True progress in the field of nutrition has been made in this world. Solutions have been found. The confusion of nutrition is the most perplexing challenge humankind has yet faced. The Sunfood Diet solves the confusion nutrition by simplifying our dietary essentials and presenting a balanced nutrition program consisting of raw plant foods, allowing any single person to achieve an extraordinary level of health.

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