Begin Again

(Author Unknown)

Begin again - you can, you know. Seek out a better way to go.

Forget the past - the past is dead, And all tomorrow lies ahead!

There's never a time too late to start To bring to fruition that dream in your heart.

Begin again now, this minute, this day!

A new life is waiting - don't wish it away!

"Do the thing and you shall have the power."

-- Emerson

"By being persistent you are demonstrating faith."

-- Earl Nightingale

"All great success in life is preceded by long, sustained periods of focused effort on a single goal, the most important goal, with the determination to stay with it until it is complete. Throughout history, we find that every man or woman who achieved anything lasting and worthwhile, had engaged in long often unappreciated hours, weeks, months and even years of concentrated, disciplined work, in a particular direction. Fortunately, the quality of self-discipline is something that you can learn by continuous practice, over and over, until you master it. Once you have mastered the ability to delay gratification, the ability to discipline yourself to keep your attention focused on the most important task in front of you, there is virtually no goal that you cannot accomplish and no task that you cannot complete."

-- Anonymous

There is a rite of passage all must pass before they enter the hallowed halls of immortality. To pass those gates, one must possess the one key which opens all doors. A key which eludes all those who have not aligned their lives with their divine blueprint. A key which only opens the gates of fate when one has committed oneself entirely. That key is persistence - relentless persistence.

Before persistence, no army can stand, no wall can hold, no limit can remain. Absolutely nothing can take the place of persistence. There is a magical place awaiting those who will persevere. Persistence pays off.

Don't quit, no matter what. Decide to hold on in advance.

When Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson it was the biggest upset in boxing history. When Buster Douglas was knocked down in that fight, it was time for his test. Before that fight ever started, he had decided he was getting up no matter what - he had committed himself to go all the way. He had just gotten out of an alcohol recovery center, his mother had just died, his wife was going down with disease. He was considered a nothing, a bum. When he got knocked down, Buster Douglas had a reason to get back up. He got back up and knocked out Mike Tyson. Reasons come first, answers come second.

The same holds true for you. Why will you persist when you get knocked down? You already have powerful reasons to get back up; what are they? It is going to take everything you have go to become all you can be. From some final reservoir of courage and determination, you will summon all of your strength and triumph. You will persist and make it to the top.

The lessons in this book have provided you with the diet and success information, now it is time for action.

Persistence is the science of continuous movement. Action is the key to abundance. Action is what It takes. As long as we keep making efforts, even if we stumble, we are still moving, making progress, and learning. Isaac Newton told us a body at rest tends to stay at rest, but a body in motion tends to stay in motion! Keep moving!

It is never too late to be who you "might" have been. Keep acting until you become who you want to become. It is never too late to get what you "might" have gotten. Keep looking until you have found what you are looking for.

The more you try, the more likely it is that you will find the right approach, you have to overcome the fear of failure by understanding that the more you fail, the more likely it is you will succeed at an exceptional level. Babe Ruth struck out almost twice as much as he hit home runs. Thomas Watson Sr., the founder of IBM (International Business Machines) said, "Do you want to succeed? Then, double your failure rate. Success lies on the far side of failure." Thomas Edison tried ten thousand types of filaments for the electric light bulb before he found the one which worked. Did he look at himself as a failure/? No, he remained persistent. The only guaranteed way to fail is to not make the effort. I heard a success seminar speaker once say, "Successful people fail their way to the top." Taking action is always better than doing nothing, because if you fail, at least you know what doesn't work!

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Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

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