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When people believed in the "Earth is flat" paradigm, every university taught its students that the Earth was flat. Every scientist and professor could "prove" to you that it was flat. Those scientists and professors were not lying to you - they just did not know. It took a few distinctions put forth by a few noble minds to dissolve away the basic assumptions of all those schools of thought. This is how knowledge moves forward - indeed, It is the only way that knowledge has ever moved forward.

The "Earth is flat" paradigm only allowed human understanding to proceed to a certain level, and no further. In the same way, diet systems such as ayurveda (from India), traditional Chinese medicine (and its macrobiotic offshoot) only allow human health to proceed to a certain level, and no further. The ancient systems have been dulled down over many thousands of years and no longer contain real vitality; the purpose of these systems was to help the average person reach good health. The purpose of The Sunfood Diet Success System is to help an average person become an extraordinary human being who experiences superior health, who encounters the highest forms of life, and who unlocks dormant powers. New distinctions have now surpassed the old system paradigms.

My goal has been to draw forth the best elements from ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and macrobiotics and apply them to the Sunfood approach. Special information involving individualizing diets based on ayurvedic and oriental balancing insights is beyond the scope of this book. These will be explored in forthcoming books.

The insights on body-typing and nutritional balance coming from the ancient dietary systems and my own experiences with internal cleansing, tuning into food instincts, and eating a total raw-food diet have convinced me that the original creators of these systems were raw-food eaters. The original systems were certainly much more pure than they appear today.

Throughout its long history up to this day, the presence of raw-food diets has appeared in India. Many yogis currently living in the Himalayas eat only raw plant food, following in the spiritual traditions of their ancestors. During the Zhou Dynasty in China, it was recorded that: "The tribes in the east were called Yi. They had their hair unbound, and tattooed their bodies. Some of them ate their food without it being cooked by fire." This account continues on by describing the tribes to the north, south, and west who did not eat cereals and who arte their food raw. From these accounts we know that raw-food diets were presenting ancient China. This evidence again corroborates the concept that the original creators of the ancient systems were raw-foodists.

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The Complete Compendium Of Everything Related To Health And Wellness

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