As mentioned in Lesson The Sunfood Diet Lesson Food And Karma and Appendix

A, the structure and function of humanity's dull canines and grinding teeth, the pouchy shape of the lips and cheeks, the elongated digestive canal, the sensitive nature of the sensory organs, the method of nourishment for the young, the pattern of children's development, mental set, emotional feelings, as well as the cause and cure of disease and unhappiness, all demonstrate that humans are biologically plant eaters (eaters of sweet, non-sweet, and fatty fruits along with green leafed vegetables). Humans descend from the natural state into omnivorism when foods, especially fats, are drawn from animal sources (more on this in Lesson 11: The Secret Revealed).

Omnivore theorists believe that because an animal can chew something up, swallow it, and live long enough to tell others about it, then that animal is an omnivore. For example, the herbivorous cow has been fed the flesh of other dead cows, mixed in with its feed, for at least a century by the cattle industry. Cows still continue to survive on such food. Yet, an omnivorist would argue that the cow is no longer an herbivore, but is now an omnivore, because it can eat something aside from common grass. Almost any animal, can eat just about any type of so-called "food," and still live, but that does not mean it has "evolutionary adapted to," or is designed for, that food!

Every natural species can tolerate a vast amount of improper food (fuel). That is why dogs, mice, rats, cats, birds, etc. can tolerate large volumes of denatured, dead, and improper food even though they have never seen these types of foods in their genetic history. The cells and tissues composing the anatomy of these organisms always display an amazing degree of resilience, elasticity, and buoyancy. However, every living organism can "adapt" itself up to a certain point only, and beyond that point follows illness and degenerative disease. And every "adaptation" along the way occurs at the expense of a repression of the body's functions of elimination - each "adaptation" has its price. Professor Hilton Hotema termed this the Law of Vital Adjustment, and later specified it as really the Law of Vital Reduction. This is how the body builds up a tolerance to food and air pollution: the body's eliminative functions must first be weakened before it will submit to inimical foods and environments.

The most amazing thing about human life is that we can discover our form, function, and food choice design and choose to follow it, therefore actualizing the highest potential of our species. That is the purpose of this book. We will discover the specifics of our natural food choice design in Lesson 11: The Secret Revealed.

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