Appendix C Sunfood Recipes

There are so many options for designing beautiful meals with raw plant foods. Bring in two or more raw-food recipe books to enhance your kitchen. My organization Nature's First Law distributes every raw-food recipe book available in the world today. The forthcoming companion recipe book to this work Is entitled: The Sunfood Cuisine by the raw gourmet Fred Patenaude. The Sunfood Cuisine will contain a wide variety of recipe ideas and combinations, all of which are based on the recommendations in this book.

I do have a wonderful secret to share with all prospective live-food chefs. It would seem that the most ideal foods for human consumption would contain all three food classes simultaneously (review Lesson 11: The Secret Revealed). Since this does not occur, the secret to making totally satisfying live-food recipes is to combine all three categories of food: sugar, fat, and chlorophyll into one meal.

One of the most famous raw-food recipes is Doctor Ann Wigmore's "Energy Soup." Her soup contains avocado, apple, and wheatgrass juice among other items. The three main ingredients are a fat, a sugar, and a chlorophyll food. Doctor Ann would feed this balanced recipe to some of her patients as their sole nutrition for 3 months and they would be healed of disease! Doctor Ann's entire "Energy Soup" recipe may be found in her last book: The Blending Book.

I have developed some excellent healing combinations based on the Sunfood Triangle. Below I have included my favorite recipes, juices, and blends. All the ingredients in the following combinations should be 100% raw and organic. Many of these combinations require a juicer or blender; I highly recommend The Green Power Juicer, The Commercial Champion Juicer, The Miracle Wheatgrass Juicer, and The Vita-Mix Blender. I personally own and use them all. These are essential household appliances to create a healthy future for you and your family. To order any or all of these appliances, please contact Nature's First Law at 1-619-596-7979.


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