Animal Fats

Those eating animal fats to fulfill the dietary requirement for fats have part of the picture, but they simply have not had the spiritual awakening with which to abandon animal products, and the death, enslavement, and torture which accompanies them.

Raw animal fats are typically saturated, so they are not as strong in their cleansing abilities as monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, therefore they do not directly help detoxify the body.

Animal flesh fats are particularly dangerous because they bring negative energy upon the consumer from the animal's death and they contain stored toxins collected from the environment. Farmed animals eat pesticide and chemical-sprayed foods which end up stored in their fat cells. This gives the consumer a double dose of negativity. The same holds true for fish liver oil, which can contain all the toxins present in the fish. The liver is the detoxification center of the body, through which all the toxins must pass.

As far as raw milk products go, they are high-fat foods. Generally, raw goat's milk is of a higher quality than raw cow's milk because goats are a cleaner, more discerning animal - if they do not find the food they like, they will go hungry, whereas cows will start chomping anything green.

Many have lived long lives taking in raw milk, butter, and cheese to fulfill their fat requirements as Professor Hilton Hotema reported in his classic book Man's Higher Consciousness, but none I am aware of have ever gone late into life eating raw flesh for fat because the negative karma is too great and does come back to entrap the one who ingests such substances.

Raw organic dairy products may be used in transition to fulfill the fat category of The Sunfood Triangle for people with weak fat metabolisms. Raw organic dairy products may benefit raw-foodists who have become deficient in alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) from not consuming enough whole green-leafed vegetables and/or who are experiencing a lack of excellent intestinal flora. The karma of raw dairy products is neutral, if the milk is free given. However, this is rarely the case today, and most dairy animals are enslaved, lead sad lives, and are finally killed for their flesh. Also, drinking the milk of another animal, especially after the weaning age, seems quite unnatural. Raw dairy is mucus-forming and, if taken, should be consumed moderately.

All pasteurized dairy products should be avoided. They contribute greatly to atherosclerosis, encouraging the plaque buildup in arteries that is epidemic throughout the population. The two countries with the highest rate of heart disease, the U.S. and Finland, are the two countries with the highest consumption of pasteurized dairy products. (For more information on this subject, please read John Robbins' book Diet For A New America.)

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