Alkaloids are bitter organic compounds which are derived from plants bearing seed. Aspirin, caffeine, cannabinoids (THC, THCV, CBD, CBC), cocaine, morphine, nicotine, etc. are all alkaloids. Alkaloids provide the heating quality in hot peppers. Peyote contains the most powerful alkaloids in the world. Drugs such as ecstasy, in their original plant derivation (from sassafras and nutmeg), contain alkaloids as their active agents.

Joshua Rainbow, a fruitarian activist, has described in his booklet Biotrophic Protocol that when alkaloids are introduced into a body with an acidic biochemistry, they neutralize the acid and eliminate the acid-induced pain. Alkaloids create a high for a time as acids are neutralized and the blood is alkalized. The alkalizing of the blood tunes one into the human body's natural frequency and insights begin to be drawn in from infinite intelligence - that is until the body's acid-biochemistry begins reasserting itself mostly through the desire for acid-forming foods which "acid-up" the blood and diminish the alkaloid high. The insights diminish as one is tuned back into the static.

We can see from the effects of alkaloids on the body, why drugs, coffee, and the smoking of marijuana and tobacco, etc. are so popular. The typical body, acidified by a cooked animal-food diet, is actually alkalized or balanced by the alkaloids of these substances and achieves glimpses of higher consciousness.

By eating significantly more green-leafy vegetables, especially wild herbs, one will alkalize the body chemistry and be able to tap into the natural human frequency more easily and more often, without drugs and their side-effects. (Joshua Rainbow believed this could be done with fruits also, but fruits do not contain enough alkaline elements to produce the effect.) Placing green leaves in an acid body raises the consciousness as the body becomes more alkaline.

One can overcome coffee and addictions (coffee is a cooked beverage as it is made by passing hot water through ground-up roasted seeds [beans] from the coffee fruit) by drinking fresh green-vegetable juice in the morning instead of coffee. This will stimulate an excellent bowel movement and give the body the alkaloid stimulation it desires.

I know some raw-foodists who smoke marijuana regularly. Even if all-raw, the habit of typically overeating sugar and fat and undereating green-leafed vegetables leads to a slightly acid and constricted body chemistry - leaving one tuned out, just a bit. This condition is alleviated by smoking marijuana, hence the desire. The alkaloids in the marijuana smoke neutralize the acid condition, relax the body, and tune one into a higher knowledge. But smoking marijuana actually perpetuates the same biochemistry which created the desire for alkalinity (alkaloids) because smoking marijuana interferes with the ability of the blood to carry sugar. The more you smoke, the more sugar the body desires. Also, the higher you go, the more acid-forming foods the body asks for (avocados, nuts, and seeds) to bring you down. This cycle is broken by eating significantly more green-leafed vegetables and wild herbs which alkalize the body, loosen the tissues, and open the mind.

To overcome the desire for cooked alkaloids, one should replace them by eating raw and/or by eating more green-leafed vegetables and wild herbs. Raw green leaves have the same effect as alkaloid substances, however, their high lasts much longer. By repeatedly introducing significant amounts of green-leafed vegetables and wild herbs we raise the alkalinity of the body and loosen the constriction of body tissues.

Green leaves soothe the nerves and calm the body. Those with chronic back and muscle pains should be sure to eat plenty of green vegetables. Green leaves relieve pain. Green-leafy foods decrease the overall stress of the body and facilitate yoga practice. For those raw-foodists practicing yoga: eat more greens for better flexibility.

Consider that the number one cause of death in the western world is heart disease. The heart chakra is green. An abundance of green in the diet strengthens the heart.

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