Action Steps

  1. Enjoy your food without fear or anxiety. As long as you are eating the food and it is entering your body, allow it to be fully enjoyed and metabolized! Eat your food naturally - relax. How relaxed are your face, stomach, and hands while you eat?
  2. Immediately act upon the transition guidelines outlined in this lesson. How can you adopt the transition principles into your lifestyle today and enjoy the process?
  3. Use the Superior Food Combining chart daily. Photocopy the chart and post it in your kitchen or dining area.
  4. If you are not able to get organic fruits and vegetables, what do you do?
  5. Ask for organic food at your local store.
  6. Order organic foods to be delivered by mail to your home (see the Resources section at the end of this book).
  7. Start your own garden. If you do not have a yard, ask a friend if you can grow a garden in her/his yard.
  8. Search for local organic growers. Perhaps you can volunteer your services in exchange for food?
  9. Start your own organic farm!
  10. Write a letter to your local politicians, newspapers, and other media outlets, telling them how you feel about the difficulties of finding non-poisoned food in your area.
  11. Eat wild foods.
  12. Plant fruiting plants and trees wherever you legally can and enjoy the harvest each year.
  13. Consider moving to a better location where higher quality foods are available
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