Action Steps

To uncover your true path in life there are many things you can do; begin by answering the following questions on paper and recording them in your journal:

  1. Begin by thinking about your childhood. Tap into your subconscious mind. What did you really love to do between the ages of seven and fourteen? What captivated your attention? What still captivates your attention?
  2. Make a list of the twenty things you enjoy doing most in life. What gives you the greatest excitement? This will stimulate the creative action mechanism within your subconscious mind into revealing your purpose.
  3. The subconscious mind may also be activated by reading. Start reading everything you can, this will help you uncover your purpose more quickly. Which books will you read this month to help you discover your life's passion?
  4. Ask yourself: Where will I be and what will I be doing ten years from today if I keep doing what I am doing now?
  5. Ask yourself: In what area do I express an extraordinary passion? When you know the answer to that question, then you know what you need to be doing.
  6. Ask yourself: How can I do what I love to do and create financial abundance while doing it?

Heightened Prosperity

Be alive,

Happily achieve.

Each one

It's all yours

Teach one.

If you believe.

Each one

Reach one.

Each day

Each one

Plan a way.

Grasp more

Each one

Each night,

Reach for

Plan a sight.

That you will see

The most

When your dreams become -

Of what you can be.


The best

Of what you can see.

Each dawn

Listen long

Each one

To an uplifting book

Teach fun.

An enchanting song.

Each one

Love Sun.

Set the pace,

Win the race,

What excites you

Give to all,

You should do.

A smiling face.

Each one

Each life

Reach back.

Touch deep.

Each one.

Bigger dreams

Heal lack.

Less sleep.

Each one

Break bounds,

Release strife,

Become the best.

Each one

Leverage your mind

Live more life!

Surpass the rest.

Accomplishing Your True Calling

Accomplishing Your True Calling

Align Yourself To Your Passions And Take On The World With Your Power! Let your heart and soul help you discover the correct course. Take note that the word courage is in the word encouragement. Once we identify the course with a heart and soul, we feel boosted to get moving.

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