Action Steps

  1. Everyone has their own way of learning things. Find out what works best for you. My preference is for reading and audio tapes. What is the best learning modality for you? If this Is not clear, ask yourself: "How can I figure out what learning modality works best for me?" Try different approaches. Try alternative learning strategies.
  2. Invest in good books. Invest your money in you and your family's education. Find the best health books and read them!
  3. Make plans this week to attend a health or success seminar in your area
  4. Record all good ideas in your journal. Become a collector of good ideas you have gathered from live seminars, books, audio tapes, videos, and personal experiences.
  5. Become a success-tape addict. Listen to success tapes while driving, eating, or exercising. Dispose of cooked-food addiction and replace it with success-tape addiction.
  6. During your first waking moments each morning, listen to a song that inspires you and will keep you charged throughout the day. During the first 30-60 minutes each day, read success books or listen to empowering audio tapes.
  7. Tape a new motivational quote to your nightstand or bathroom mirror every week
The Sugar Solution

The Sugar Solution

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