Action Steps

1. Surround yourself with plants, animals, people, books, pictures, motivational mottoes, [music,] and other suggestive reminders of your beauty and greatness. Build around yourself an impenetrable atmosphere of prosperity and achievement. Saturate your life in every way and by all means available, with those people, places and things which promote your visions and goals. Make each day one continuous positive affirmation. The only things we have in life are our moment to moment experiences.

Make each moment a sensational joy.

2. Take a page in your journal and draw a line down the middle of it. On the left side, list 6 people with whom you are willing to spend less time with due to their negative influence on you. On the Right side, list 6 people whom you would like to spend more time with due to their positive influence on you. Make this page a goal; act on it immediately.

The Art Of Positive Thinking

The Art Of Positive Thinking

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