Action Steps

1. Try fresh aloe vera juice as a Sun lotion. By following The Sunfood Diet your resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and Sunburns will increase dramatically. I have found that it is literally impossible for me to get burned under the Sun; even if I have not been in the Sun for several weeks. The best UV protection is inner protection.

Commercial sunscreens disable the body's natural sunburn alarm mechanism. Most suntan lotions, creams, and butters are made of chemicals mixed with cooked-fats which produce free radicals in the skin just like dietary cooked fats. For these reasons I do not recommend commercial sunscreens.

2. Seek out at least 30 minutes of direct Sunlight each day on as much of your body as possible. No matter where one lives, the practice of simply allowing the Sunlight to reach one's exposed face will provide benefits.

There is no mistake in Nature. We are designed for a life of "Fun in the Sun!" Enjoy the abundance Nature has to offer - soak in the golden rays of life. Sunlight is good mood food.

Consider the following: "Everyone, ill or well, looks better, feels better, gets healthier and functions more gracefully after exposing every part of their naked bodies to the beautiful Sunshine. Sunbathe each moment you can. It enlivens you in every possible way!

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