Action Steps

1. Many raw-foodists ask me why people do not go 100% raw. 100% raw does present challenges. These challenges may be overcome through persistence, effort, and discipline. I

have discovered the following 10 reasons why people do not go 100% raw:

  1. They are not ready, their body and mind has not adjusted. Their favorite cooked foods still taste better than their favorite raw foods. With time, the taste buds will change, the body will acclimate to new, cleaner foods, and progress towards 100% raw will become easier. Everyone should transition at a pace that is outside their comfort zone, but not in their shock zone.
  2. They don't realize the importance of eating 100% raw plant foods and the magic in it. They require more education on the subject c. They simply are not serious. They talk, but never do. They want to make an improvement in their life, but they are not willing to make the necessary effort.
  3. They don't know how, they are confused by conflicting opinions on diet. They don't understand the idea of eating 100% raw plant food.
  4. They haven't accepted 100% responsibility for their lives and their health, happiness, and longevity.
  5. They don't feel they are worthy enough to be extraordinarily healthy. They don't feel they deserve it.
  6. They don't go 100% raw because of the fear of rejection. They fear their friends and family will reject them and their new lifestyle and/or that the opposite sex will reject them.
  7. They fear the unknown. Eating 100% raw is the unknown for most people and for that reason, they fear it instead of embrace it! Eventually, we have nowhere to go, but into the unknown. Which do you prefer? A known hell or a strange heaven? The way you are going now is leading down a specific path - a destiny. One day you will arrive...the question is where?
  8. They get unbalanced because they do not exercise and/or eat a healthy combination of green-leafy vegetables, sweet fruits, and fatty foods. Thus they return back to familiar low-energy food habits.
  9. The inability to face their suppressed emotional issues when they arise. One of the major challenges I have seen in people going 100% raw is facing suppressed emotional trauma. A 100% raw plant-food diet presents your emotional issues to you - it brings them right to your consciousness. These issues often involve one or both parents. To win through, one must have the courage to face these emotional issues squarely and release them. Holding on to 10% "comfort foods" in the diet will slow the emotional traumas from arising too rapidly.

Get out your journal. Do any of these ten reasons apply to you and why? How will you overcome these challenges? Record the answers in writing in your journal.

Remember: Going 100% raw is great, but it is also beautiful to give a 100% effort. Decide what works for you in your lifestyle.

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