Action Steps

  1. Plant the seeds of faith in the six individuals you associate with most often. Support them with faith, teach them to support themselves with faith. From faith flows all good things.
  2. Open your journal and look at the top 5 yearly goals established in the Action Steps at the end of Lesson 5: Goals. As you read them, do the following:
  3. Write down all doubts which immediately come into your mind as you review each goal.
  4. Resolve, in writing, to dismiss away any doubts you may have associated with each goal.
  5. Write down exactly why you will faithfully persist until you achieve your top 5 yearly goals.
  6. Replace any thoughts of doubt or fear with faith. As long as you are doing it, never doubt it.

Now that you have reviewed the fundamental information I have shared in the lessons thus far, it is time to reveal to you the magic secret. In this next lesson, I am going to share with you an unprecedented health discovery. You are now ripe, through your own exposure and your own seeking, to make a dietary choice. You are now at that moment when you can make a leap of faith into a powerful stream of new information.

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