Vegetables and Salads

Vegetables are perfectly delicious when served plain, without added flavorings. That's why you won't find many vegetable recipes in this section. Carefully cook vegetables just until they are tender-crisp and still flavorful. Limp, overcooked veggies lose their appeal as well as some of their nutrients.

Most vegetables contain negligible amounts of protein and fat but offer carbohydrate, fiber, and abundant vitamins and minerals. Eating vegetables is the best way to boost your vitamin intake—preferable to taking vitamin pills.

The first five recipes offer basic advice about cooking methods. Since you will choose your own vegetable combinations in the earlier recipes, nutrition information is provided only for the remaining recipes. Table 1.2 on page 14 and table 4.1 on page 79 provide more nutrition information.


Steamed vegetables 343

Stir-fried vegetables 344

Baked vegetables 345

Microwaved vegetables 346

Grilled vegetables 347

Spinach salad with sweet and spicy dressing 348

Spinach salad with Oriental dressing 349

Brenda's Greek salad 350

Honey-glazed sweet potatoes 351

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