Snack Attacks

Snacks prevent not only hunger sensations but also cravings for sweets. Many of my clients complain about their constant cravings. They believe they are hopelessly, and helplessly, addicted to sugary snacks. I believe they are not addicted and that they can change their behavior. They are just hungry. When people get too hungry, they crave calorie-dense foods such as cookies, ice cream, chocolate—carbohydrate with fat (Gilhooly et al. 2007).

I've helped many clients resolve their problematic sweet cravings easily and painlessly. The solution is simple: Eat before you get too hungry. When you are ravenous, you tend to crave sweets (and fat) and overeat. An apple won't do the job; you'll want calorie-dense apple pie . . . plus ice cream.

If you frequently experience uncontrollable snack attacks, examine the following case studies and solutions to learn how to tame the cookie monster within you. Remember, snack attacks, not snacks per se, are the problem.

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Diet Tweak System

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