How Much Is Enough

The recommended intake is at least 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per day (preferably more). Many busy people rarely eat that much in a week. If you are vegetable challenged, the trick is to eat large portions when you do eat vegetables—a big pile rather than a standard serving—and that can equate to 2 1/2 cups in one sitting. Then, to really invest in your health, try to do that twice a day, such as eating a big colorful salad with lunch and a bunch of broccoli with dinner. The food industry is working hard to make eating vegetables as easy as opening a bag of leafy greens, baby carrots, or peeled and cubed butternut squash.

Diet Tweak System

Diet Tweak System

Trying To Lose Weight Can Be Tough. But... Not Losing Weight and Gaining What You Lost Back, Sucks. If you've ever felt that no matter what you do to lose weight nothing seems to work. If you've ever felt that there has got to be some kind of a system or way to lose weight...but just have not found it yet.

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