Fast Food Breakfasts

If you are destined to eat breakfast at a fast-food restaurant, be sure to make wise food choices.

  • Rather than high-fat bacon, sausage, croissant, or biscuit combinations, choose the egg and English muffin or wrap. Pancakes, hot or cold cereal, juice, bagels (with light cream cheese), English muffins (with jam), low-fat muffins, and fruit-yogurt-granola parfaits are other options.
  • Because fresh fruits can be hard to find on the menu, remember to tuck an apple or orange into your pocket. Or, take a big swig of juice before you leave home.
  • Treat yourself to a latte (with low-fat milk), instead of coffee with cream, for more protein and calcium.
  • Find a deli with fresh bagels, fruit, juice, and yogurt.
  • Skip the breakfast temptations (Cinnabons, doughnuts, croissants) and bring a box of cereal to the office. On your way to work, pick up some milk and a banana, along with your coffee, if desired. If you are traveling and staying at a hotel, you can save yourself time, money, and temptation by bringing your own cereal and dried fruit (and spoon). Bring powdered milk, or buy a container of low-fat or nonfat milk at the corner store. A water glass or milk carton can double as a cereal bowl.
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