Case Predinner Snack Attack

"I have the worst sweet tooth. I manage to fight sweet cravings until I get home, and then I inevitably attack the chocolate chip cookies. I feel as though I'm powerless and have no control over sweets. I hope you can put me on the straight and narrow."

—David, 47-year-old marathon runner, accountant, and father

Stories like David's are typical among my clients. He came to me feeling guilty about his lack of control over sweets. He required about 3,000 calories per day but ate zero calories at breakfast and barely ate lunch, only a 200-calorie yogurt, because he claimed he had no time. No wonder he was uncontrollably ravenous by the time he got home; he had accumulated a 2,800-calorie deficit! Nature took control by encouraging him to eat more than enough so that he would get adequate energy into his system.

I suggested that David eat his 1,600 cookie calories in the form of wholesome meals during the day. He started eating 800 calories for breakfast (cereal, milk, banana, juice, and bagel) and 1,000 calories of easy-to-eat snack-type foods for lunch and throughout the afternoon (two yogurts, two large bananas, two juices). Within one day he discovered that he wasn't a cookie monster after all. He could come home in a better mood, feel untempted by cookies, and have the energy to enjoy his family rather than be focused on eating cookies. This switch reduced his intake of fat, improved the quality of his overall diet, helped him flatten the spare tire that had been inflating around his middle, and lowered his cholesterol.

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