Carbohydrate to Fuell Muscles

Without question, wholesome forms of carbohydrate are the best choices for fueling your muscles and promoting good health. People of all ages and athletic abilities will benefit from nourishing themselves with abundant carbohydrate-rich fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods, along with adequate protein and healthful fat balanced into their meals and snacks.

Unfortunately, confusion about carbohydrate—what it is and how much to eat (if any)—keeps people from properly balancing their diets. As one runner questioned, "Is carbohydrate good or bad? Fattening or fuel? How much is too much? If I have a bagel for breakfast, can I also have bread at lunch—or is that too fattening?" Like many active people, he was confused by the plethora of myths and misconceptions about the role of carbohydrate in a sports diet. The purpose of this chapter is to eliminate this confusion so you can make choices that best promote your health, desired weight, and performance.

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