I'd like to acknowledge and express my sincere thanks to my family. Without the love and support of my husband, John; my son, John Michael; and my daughter, Mary; I would lack the purpose, meaning, and balance that brings energy and inspiration to my life.

To my running buddies, Jean Smith and Catherine Farrell, I extend my appreciation for sharing life's marathons with me.

To my clients, who teach me about sports nutrition up close and personal, I extend my gratitude. By entrusting me with their experiences, they help me to help others with similar nutrition concerns. Throughout this book, I have shared their stories, but I have changed their names and occupations to protect their privacy.

I'm appreciative of the numerous recipe contributors as well as my faithful recipe testers: my neighbors, Joan and Rex Hawley; my mother and brother, Janice and Warren Clark; and my immediate family.

And last but not least, I thank the staff at Human Kinetics for their support of this book, from the first edition to this fourth edition. Special thanks to Rainer Martens, Martin Barnard, and Jason Muzinic as well as Heather Healy, Alexis Koontz, Kim McFarland, Sue Outlaw, Nancy Rasmus, and Carla Zych.


Everyday Eating for Active People

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Diet Tweak System

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