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Antibiotics and Tonsillectomies are not the only remedies to your recurring tonsillitis. There are a few all natural tonsillitis cures that are proven effective. If you want a reliable source of tonsillitis cures, you need Tonsillitis Natural Cure Book by Jennifer Watts. In her eBook, she shares with you all the cures she has found and proven effective. These cures are all natural, and do not require the use of pharmaceutical meds and surgery. In just about 3 days, you will be able to banish your tonsillitis for good. If you have children who suffer from this condition, you will get natural treatments that are made especially for children. Definitely a must buy for moms with kids who suffer from tonsillitis, as well as adults whos been burdened with this problem for a long, long time.

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Traditional And Clinical Uses Of Echinacea Products

Echinacea was one of the most important traditional medicines of the First Nations of the U.S. Great Plains and Canadian prairies. The plant, particularly the roots of E. angustifolia, were used mainly for treatment of sore throat, mouth sores, and septic wounds (Shemluck, 1982). Although popular in North America as an herbal medicine in the 19th century, it was abandoned in the 20th century by North Americans, and almost all laboratory and clinical evaluations up to 1990 were undertaken in Germany. Modern uses include treatment of colds and influenza, wounds, candidiasis, and lung conditions. Not surprisingly, due to the variability of preparations, clinical study results have been mixed, showing both significant and nonsignificant results of treatments. Some of the significant clinical results reported include a reduction in clinical scores and length of illness in patients with respiratory illness treated with E. pallida tinctures (Dorn et al., 1997), stimulation of immune...

Phytochemical Diversity And Associated Biological Activities

The alkamides (isobutylamides) (Figure 2.2) and related polyacetylenes are fatty-acid derived molecules with unsaturated double and triple bond systems and are distributed in roots and flowers. E. angustifolia roots are an especially rich source of these compounds. The isobutylamides are the taste-tingling components of Echinacea that have analgesic properties and provide relief for sore throat symptoms. The isolated alkamides are also known to be mammalian lipoxygenase (LOX) and cyclo-oxygenase (COX) inhibitors (Muller-Jakic et al., 1994) which confer an anti-inflammatory activity. New research from our group has shown that lipophilic extracts of Echinacea containing isobutylamides and polyacetylenes are toxic to a variety of pathogenic fungi, including multidrug-resistant Candida spp. (Binns et al., 2000). This activity is enhanced by light and is relevant to traditional uses for treatments of sores and wounds and modern uses of Echinacea as a topical agent. Further studies by J....

Lung Yin Vacuity Fei Yin Xu

Dehydration of body fluids resulting in general dryness Dry cough, dry mouth, and throat, hoarseness, sore throat, night sweat subfebrile (below normal) body temperature, especially in the afternoon sleep disturbances with hot flashes. Five hot areas on the feet, hands, and behind the sternum hoarse voice pale face with rosy cheeks rosy cheeks in the afternoon or evening.


A decline of 10 in plasma glutamine was observed by Parry Billings et al. (406) in overtrained athletes compared to non-overtrained athletes and concluded that such a decrease may weaken the immune system. This suggestion seemed to be supported by the observations of Castell who supplied glutamine or placebo immediately after a marathon or ultramarathon and again 2 h later. He observed lower infection rates in the glutamine group during the week post-exercise (407). However, these data should be interpreted with care since the data obtained were only obtained by questionnaire. All symptoms reported, including cough and sore throat, were considered to be indicative of a real infection. There never was an appropriate medical check on these findings. Meanwhile, a number of controlled studies have been done and no effects have been observed that support the findings outlined above. Accordingly, it was concluded in the comprehensive review of Pedersen and Rohde (408) that today there is...


Regurgitation may be physiological in healthy, thriving, happy infants. Primary GER results from a primary disorder of function of the upper gastrointestinal tract. In secondary GER, reflux results from dysmotility occurring in systemic disorders such as neurological impairment or systemic sclerosis. It may also result from mechanical factors at play in chronic lung disease or upper airway obstruction, as in chronic tonsillitis. Other causes include systemic or local infections (urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis), food allergy, metabolic disorders, intracranial hypertension and medications such as chemotherapy. In some cases, secondary reflux results from stimulation of the vomiting center by afferent impulses from circulating bacterial toxins, or stimulation from sites such as the eye, olfactory epithelium, labyrinths, pharynx, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, and testes.3,4 These stimuli usually cause vomiting. The symptoms and signs of primary and secondary reflux are...

Dr Lenden Smith

The first thing I do is ask people what they're eating. If I find that they're eating a lot of dairy products, and that as a child they had their tonsils taken out, and that they had a lot of strep throat and ear infections, then I know they're allergic to milk and they're looking for calcium. Sure enough, the blood tests will show this. That's the first thing they have to stop. Whatever they love is probably causing the trouble because food sensitivities can cause low blood sugar.

Riboflavin vitamin b

When a riboflavin deficiency occurs, its symptoms include sore throat, cheilosis, angular stomatitis, glossitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and normocytic, normochromic anemia. Riboflavin deficiencies have rarely been reported. Riboflavin toxicities are almost never reported however, electroencephalographic abnormalities have been mentioned as a rare side effect of excessive riboflavin intake.4