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Brooklyn based couple intimacy Coach Kenneth Play has designed an educational course purposed to increase men's sexual confidence and by providing techniques that create and maintain erotic bliss in lovemaking. The course is in the form of videos and is categorized into five modules. Just watch the videos to see how every skill builds off of foundational techniques, practice what you have seen with your lover or even on your own, and the master the skills you have learned from the course to become a sex hacker. The videos teach s foreplays, oral sex, penetration techniques, squirting and different types of squirting, and how to use your fingers and sex toys to pleasure your lover. The product was created by a team of professionals with years of experience in sex education, but the main man is Kenneth Play. He was once sexually insecure, but he transformed himself by first becoming physically fit. The other contributors are female, who brings different knowledge to the course. The course uses simple language that you can understand and follow the techniques taught, which are backed by science and research. Continue reading...

Sex Hacker Bundle Summary

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Different people different needs

But who you are affects the recommendations. If age is important, so is gender. For example, because women of childbearing age lose iron when they menstruate, their RDA for iron is higher than the RDA for men. On the other hand, because men who are sexually active lose zinc through their ejaculations, the zinc RDA for men is higher than the zinc RDA for women.

Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs develop when bacteria, and occasionally yeasts and fungi, are introduced into the normally sterile urinary tract, which consists of the bladder and ureters. Microbes may enter the tract in a number of ways, primarily from sexual intercourse, poor hygiene, and catheters. Painful and frequent urination, burning, and fever result when the bacteria multiply. Conventional medical therapy consists of antibiotic administration along with increased consumption of water. The additional liquid is believed to aid in flushing bacteria from the tissues. In the past few years, the medical community and the public have become concerned about the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Recurrent UTIs treated with the same antibiotic could lead to selection for drug-resistant bacteria. Without an effective antibiotic, such bacteria could proliferate and spread to the kidneys and other vital organs.

Types of dtc genetic tests on the market

Genetic tests that are sold DTC require a consumer to order the company's test kit, collect a genetic sample at home (generally a buccal swab), return it to the company for analysis and, for some tests, provide lifestyle information, including information about sex, age, health history, diet and other behaviors (e.g. tobacco use, exercise). Exchange of personal information and test results may be done online or by mail and counseling, where provided, may be done by telephone or by referral to in-person counseling. Business models vary among genetic testing companies. Some provide only one or a few types of tests, while others offer a broader range. Some sell tests directly to consumers, while others simply advertise DTC but only accept testing referrals from a health care professional (typically a physician). Some provide post-test counseling with a health care professional (such as a dietician, genetic counselor or physician) to explain test results and discuss potential lifestyle...

Congenital Constitution Essence Jing

Nese physicians recommend careful management of this potential. As little jing as possible should be used to meet one's daily energy requirement. Note Dissipated, excessive lifestyles, an overactive sex life, hard drugs, extreme stress or strain, and fasting diminish and weaken jing.


Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, occurs when a man cannot maintain an erection to achieve orgasm in sexual intercourse. The National Institutes of Health report that 15 to 30 million American men have erectile dysfunction. Many things can prevent normal erection, including psychological interference, neurological problems, abnormal blood flow, and prescription medications. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, cause men to experience impotence as well. Treatment may consist of psychotherapy, prescription medication, and surgery.

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