Coping With Schizophrenia and Psychosis

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What are you going to find in the Schizophrenia-FreeYour New Life Begins Today e-book: Relationships and Friends: In this chapter, I share with you my way of thinking about friends and relationships. I provide my point of view about how I see this interesting issue. I also give you some tips about how to get friends, deal with friends, and treat relationships. About Schizophrenia and Getting Well: In this chapter, I describe my way of thinking about schizophrenia and other similar mental illnesses. Living on Your Own and Being Independent: In this chapter, I share my perspective about our independence as sufferers and how to live on our own and be independent. Other Sufferers' Recovery Examples: I decided to share other sufferers' stories so you won't feel alone in your illness. Finding Your Mate and Getting Married: Having a mate is one of the most important pillars in your life as a sufferer. In this chapter, you learn some of the most important basics in this matter. Preventing Future Seizures and Getting Help: This chapter shows how to reduce the chance of having future psychotic disorder seizures and, even if you experience one, how to make it as minimal as possible. Dieting and Exercising: This chapter demonstrates how to acquire easy life habits in order to survive your years to come in the healthiest manner possible. Living by Yourself and Earning Your Own Money: This chapter shows how to earn your own money and live by yourself as a result. Ways of Getting Support: There is nothing like a good support system in order to rehabilitate in the best matter possible. This chapter discusses the most basic and powerful ways of getting support. Quitting Smoking: In this chapter, you learn the basic principles of why and how to quit smoking. Learning a Profession and Finding a Job: In this chapter, you learn the most important factors for learning a profession and finding a job.

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Coping With Psychosis And Schizophrenia Package

In the first part, you will learn about psychosis and schizophrenia, and how to identify different types of disorders, what the triggers for these disorders are, how to give first aid to someone going through a psychotic episode, what the hospitalization procedures are, and the disabilities that result from various psychotic disorders. The second part is devoted to coping with psychosis, schizophrenia, and its negative symptoms, with an emphasis on embarking on a new path. What post-psychotic depression is, and how to cope with it. What treatment options are available for someone who has experienced psychosis or for a consumer with schizophrenia. How to avoid future psychotic episodes. The layout approach, which refers to what is needed to successfully cope with psychosis. The family as a central support system in the life of the consumer. The place of the spouse in coping with psychosis and, for those who do not have a spouse, how to meet a new partner. Employment as a central factor in coping with psychosis and freeing oneself from feeling trapped, so as not to be dependent on other people. We focus on consumers getting a comfortable job, working on the Internet from home. What stigma is and how consumers and their families can cope with it. Finally, standing up for yourself as part of restoring your lost self-respect.

Coping With Psychosis And Schizophrenia Package Summary

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The Essential Nutrients

CARBOHYDRATES If, in fact, protein has been the most over-emphasized nutrient, then carbohydrates have been the most maligned. The anti-carbohydrate litany began in Britain in the early 1950s, and reached its apex in the U.S., when diet books by so-called experts blamed carbohydrates for everything from obesity to schizophrenia Talk about being estranged from reality. Now let's debunk the theories of those who rail against carbohydrates.

Use in Prevention and Therapy

Deficiency in the central nervous system (even with normal blood levels of vitamin B12 and without anemia6) may cause psychosis, depression, and or mania. Dementia with confusion and memory loss, particularly in the elderly, may benefit from vitamin B12.7,8

The Busy Bs

Folic acid helps maintain normal levels of serotonin. Deficiencies contribute to depression, dementia, and schizophrenia. In a study of depressed patients taking lithium, those also given folic acid supplements for a year showed dramatic relief of depression, compared to those given no supplements.


Large doses of methionine can be metabolized to homocysteine, a toxic metabolite. However, production of homocysteine is minimized by taking vitamin B6 along with methionine. High doses of methionine increase urinary excretion of calcium and should be avoided by women with, or at high risk of, osteoporosis. Very high doses in patients with schizophrenia may exacerbate hallucinations.

Energy Boosters

Ephedra (also called Ma Huang, epitonin, and sida cordifolia) is a central nervous system stimulant that is sold as an energy booster or fat-burning supplement. Marketed as Metabolife, Xenadrine, Herbal Rush, Energy Rush, Thermoburn, or Thermofuel (among others), ephedra may delay fatigue by sparing the body's glycogen reserves during exercise. However, it can also increase blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, anxiety, migraines, and irregular heartbeat, and it can cause insomnia, psychosis, and nervousness. Ephedra and caffeine are often present in the same product, which can be detrimental to the heart. The maximum safe level of ephedra is 24 mg per day, but many products contain over 300 mg per dose. This supplement is contraindicated in those with a history of heart disease or hypertension, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, or diabetes.


Salmonella typhi and S. paratyphi are Gramnegative, motile bacilli that colonize only humans. Therefore, disease is acquired through close personal contact or through the ingestion of water or food contaminated with human excrement. Typhoid fever continues to represent a global health problem, with more than 12.5 million annual cases, and subequatorial countries reporting mortality rates of up to 32 despite antibiotic treatment.13 In the USA, substantial progress has been made in their eradication, with better sanitation, food-handling and water treatment. These bacteria cause systemic illnesses characterized by fever, gastrointestinal symptoms and occasionally psychosis,

Dr Gary Vicker

I have patients who have been diagnosed as having schizophrenia, and while I don't argue with the diagnosis, it hasn't captured the whole essence of what is going on with that patient. I prefer to see it as an incomplete diagnosis, rather than as a misdiagnosis. Very often the goal, in the schizophrenic diagnosis, is just to subdue behavior. When people are in such states of distress that their behavior is inappropriate, or agitated, or out of control, the goal is primarily to treat that behavior. I think that there is more we can do. We have to try to understand why they are doing what they are doing--not necessarily psychologically, but in some way biochemically. We don't know what the ultimate causes of schizophrenia are. Each new drug that comes along throws the current theory into such disarray that it doesn't apply anymore, because the new drug doesn't work that way. So I don't think that anybody knows the causes, but there is one thing that we are sure of We can make a big...

Dr Richard Khunan

Most experts in orthomolecular psychiatry focus on major psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, or the mood disorders like manic depression, or psychotic depression and disorders. While these disorders, along with panic attacks or severe anxiety problems, can have a major impact on one's life, I want to focus on the vast majority of people whose complaints are less dramatic. They are the ones who just don't feel well, who don't enjoy life fully, because they haven't learned how to live with themselves or reached orthomolecular balance. The general regimen that orthomolecular medicine uses for depression, alcohol addiction, schizophrenia, and some of the other mental disorders, is to pay careful attention to nutrition and the use of the right supplements. Second, we add in the supplements that are right for a particular individual. Many of us have been so deprived of these proper supplements over our lifetime that, even with a very good diet, we cannot regain our health. That's...

Dr Walt Stoll

In addition, some of these peptides have been found to be identical to certain brain hormones (endorphins) that are associated with panic attacks, depression, manic depression, schizophrenia, and other conditions. In these cases (with more certainly to be discovered) there is no need for

Dr Kendall Gerdes

When I put the young man on a tomato-free diet, and explained to him why, his depression and his schizophrenia vanished and he became normal. He was my second case in which a food allergy was a major factor in determining the illness of a person. It can be any one food or often a combination of foods--two or even three foods--that people have to learn to avoid, and their mental condition will improve dramatically.

Dr William Goldwag

One of the major groups of vitamins to incorporate are from the B complex family. Years and years ago, when people suffered from severe vitamin deficiencies, some of the resultant diseases like pellagra and so forth were characterized by psychotic reactions. That is, the thinking process was the most obvious one to be affected. Simply providing the proper vitamin, in this case vitamin B3 or niacin, was the treatment. It cleared up the psychosis.