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The Scar Solution

The Scar Solution by Sean Lowry is a new natural treatment program that provides people with an advanced and natural scar treatment. Sean Lowry is a medical researcher and a former scar sufferer. Sean Lowry also discusses practical information, including the what, how and why of the exact treatments for all the types of scars. You will have little doubt about whats required and how to start, the step-by step methodology shows you exactly what you are supposed to do, when to do it, and why do it for quick scar removal. This guide does provide information regarding total treatment of scars. It is based on scientific studies, research and experiments. It appears that this natural cure for removal of scars as already helped many the world over get rid of scars completely. However no two people are the same. Therefore what may work for one may not work for others. More here...

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How Long Do Body Proteins Last

Contractile proteins in muscle (for example, myosin and actin) may last only a couple of days, while connective tissue proteins, such as collagen, may last weeks to months before they are broken down and replaced. The rate of turnover or remodeling of skeletal muscle contractile proteins and connective tissue proteins helps us understand why the human body seems to get bigger and stronger in just a couple of weeks or so when lifting weights regularly. Meanwhile, it seems to take months and years for scar tissue, which is largely connective tissue, to change.

Your Health Heartburn

Heartburn occurs when the stomach contents pass back up into the esophagus. This regurgitation can occur when the person vomits, the stomach is overfull, or the person is obese, pregnant, or running. The cardiac sphincter and the diaphragm do not entirely close off the connection to the stomach. It is fairly easy to overcome these barriers and bring stomach contents back up into the tube. Because the pH of the stomach fluids is usually below 4, or about the strength of a car's battery acid, the acid burns the epithelial layers of the esophagus and may cause scarring of the tissue. If this occurs, the esophagus does not fold when empty or propel food properly through peristaltic contractions. The scarring also leaves the tissue susceptible to further damage due to the loss of the stratified epithelial layers that protect the underlying tissue.

Safe from Cross Contamination

Clean a cutting board after using it to cut raw meat, poultry, or seafood. If you prefer wooden cutting boards, keep one just for raw meat, poultry, and seafood. Mark it to avoid confusion. Discard wooden boards with deep grooves and knife scars that can't be cleaned easily.

Tubulointerstitial Diseases

Chronic interstitial nephritis is caused by a variety of drugs, infections, vascular, metabolic, immune, and hematologic diseases, urinary tract obstruction, and heavy metals. In some cases, the cause is unknown. Clinical manifestations include hypertension, renal insufficiency, hyperkalemia, anemia (both hyperkalemia and anemia are disproportional to the degree of renal insufficiency), inability to concentrate urine, and Fanconi syndrome. Urinalysis shows mild proteinuria and absence of RBC casts. Glomeruli are affected secondarily. Pathologic findings of the kidney include progressive scarring of the interstitium, tubular atrophy, and infiltration with lymphocytes and macrophages. Removal of the offending agent or treatment of the underlying disease, and control of blood pressure with dietary sodium restriction and antihypertensive agents, and correction of anemia as well as bone disease remain the main stay of therapy in patients with chronic TIDs.

Watersoluble b vitamins what impact do they have on wound healing

Although the role of nutrition in the various phases of wound healing is well recognized, the action of each of the B vitamins in this regard is still being defined. It is clear that the B vitamins have specific metabolic functions, and that they interact with one another in order to ensure that wound-related energy metabolism and tissue synthesis occur appropriately. Studies have shown that B vitamins play initial coen-zymatic roles during the inflammatory phase and during the removal of dead tissue and bacteria. B vitamins also have critical roles in the proliferative and remodeling phases of wound healing in that they participate in the synthesis and interlinking of collagen and, therefore, the synthesis of new tissues and blood vessels. During the third or final phase of wound healing, myofibroblasts are dependent on B vitamins when they pull the edges of wounds inward and continue to strengthen the scar for up to 2 yrs.2 During all phases of wound healing, substantial amounts of...

Problem Vitamin C and collagen synthesis

Studies in the 1940s showed that in vitamin C deficiency there was poor healing of wounds, and the scar tissue was weak with little collagen present. The results of studies of the formation of collagen in granulomatous tissue from guinea pigs at different levels of vitamin C nutrition in response to subcutaneous injection of carrageenan are shown in Table 9.14.

Pathophysiology of functional constipation

With constipation or non-functional fecal retention. Only in 10-15 of children is the fear of examination too high, when this procedure has to be omitted. Otherwise, it is well perceived and gives the essential information about the rectal fecal mass. Anal fissures can be clearly visualized by spreading the anus, and during the examination anatomical abnormalities should be inspected, checking the anal position in the perineum and its asymmetry an ectopic anus can in fact be the cause of constipation. The inspection of the lower lumbar and sacral spine areas should be focused on dimpling, surgical scars and hair tufting. Also, tendon reflexes should be evoked. Usually, the school-aged child has stools or soiling in his underpants and one should be aware of the production of a large amount of stool just prior to the visit to the physician. That might interfere with the examination results. Fissures are considered to be related to the initiation of constipation only in very young...

Xerophthalmia and Keratomalacia

Corneal Keratinization

Classified in order of severity from night blindness (XN) to corneal ulceration and kera-tomalacia that involves one-third of the cornea or greater (X3B). A corneal scar (XS) is not a sign of active vitamin A deficiency. Xerophthalmic fundus (XS) is usually considered to be a rare condition. Fig. 14. Corneal scar. (Courtesy of Task Force Sight and Life.) Fig. 14. Corneal scar. (Courtesy of Task Force Sight and Life.) 4.1.8. Corneal Scar The sequelae to corneal ulcer and keratomalacia include the formation of a corneal scar or leucoma (Fig. 14). Corneal scarring can arise from causes other than vitamin A deficiency, such as following trauma and infectious keratitis unrelated to vitamin A, thus, the interpretation of corneal scarring must be made with caution in surveys. The corneal scarring that occurs with measles and vitamin A deficiency cannot be distinguished from corneal scarring from vitamin A deficiency without measles. Many surveys of the causes of blindness in schools for the...

Physical Examination Techniques

Scarlet Tongue Niacin Deficiency

The lips are smooth, a deeper color than the face, with a clear vermilion border. Vertical cracking (cheilosis) or erosion at the corners (angular stomatitis) may be observed in active lesions scarring may be present if deficits have occurred in the past. Breath odor suggests gingivitis if dank with decayed food, oral Candida if yeasty in people with diabetes or iron deficiency (175), or elevated BUN if ammoniacal (174). An understanding of the patient's dental hygiene, time since the last dental visit, and bleeding with brushing will help determine the etiology of oral lesions. Cracked, fractured teeth at the gum line become sources of infection and abscess. Ill-fitting dentures following weight loss adversely affect ability to chew and may cause maceration at the corners of the mouth. The extended tongue will reveal color and texture. Usual pigment is deep pink, with fingerlike projections (papilla) scattered evenly over the surface of the tongue. Erosion of papilla at the tip and...

Vitamin A Deficiency Infection and Mortality in Developing Countries A Recurring Theme

In 1965, the Western Hemisphere Nutrition Congress was organized by the American Medical Association, and W. Henry Sebrell (1901-1992), the former director of the National Institutes of Health, noted vitamin A deficiency is becoming increasingly recognized as a serious condition which is widespread in some parts of this hemisphere. Vitamin A deficiency accounts for widespread blindness or impaired vision and to a large extent contributes to high mortality (99). The Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense of the US National Institutes of Health conducted surveys in which data on vitamin A deficiency were collected. Vitamin A deficiency was considered a major health problem in many countries, including Jordan (100), Ethiopia (101), Vietnam (102), Thailand (103), Lebanon (104), and East Pakistan (105). These surveys defined vitamin A deficiency as a public health problem if more than 5 of the population had plasma or serum vitamin A concentration

Prevalence and Incidence

Worldwide, there are an estimated 140 million preschool children and 7.2 million pregnant women who have vitamin A deficiency (597). In low-income countries worldwide, there are an estimated 453,000 children with blindness or severe visual impairment, and 200,000 have corneal scarring attributed mostly to measles and vitamin A deficiency (2). There is a close synergism between measles and vitamin A deficiency that can result in blindness, and of an estimated 30 million children who develop measles each year, there are an estimated 15,000-60,000 children who become blind (598). Others have suggested that there may be about 350,000 children who go blind from vitamin A deficiency annually (599).

Pantothenic acid and wound healing

In a number of animal studies, oral pantothenic acid or topically applied panthenol was shown to accelerate the closure of skin wounds.28-31 Most of the mechanistic research done in this area involves looking at the impact pantothenic acid has on fibroblast function and concomitant wound closure and scar formation. Substantial amounts of work have also focused on how pantothenic acid enhances both collagen synthesis and collagen cross-linking and the role this vitamin plays in altering trace elements that have an impact on wound healing. Studies have also been done with subjects who have had tattoos removed to determine the impact pantothenic acid has on the actual strength of scar tissue.35 In this study, 18 of 49 patients were supplemented for 21 d with both pantothenic acid (0.2 g d) and vitamin C (1.0 g d) prior to the removal of tattoos by successive resection. Hydroxyproline and trace element concentrations were measured in both skin and scar tissue. Fibroblast counts and...

What Is Fiber

Fiber isn't a single nutrient but a family of plant-based nutrients that are generally resistant to human digestion. Since plants lack the bony skeletal design that provides much of an animal's shape and form, fibers provide much of the structural support to plant cell walls and the plant in general. Plants also use certain fiber as the foundation for their scar tissue. It is important to remember that while humans and other mammals prefer to produce proteins like collagen as the structural basis of their bodies, plants use carbohydrates.

Clinical Diagnosis

A deficiency are night blindness and Bitot spots. Although the earlier literature may refer to night blindness and Bitot spots as mild vitamin A deficiency, the presence of clinical vitamin A deficiency actually represents a later, more severe state of vitamin A deficiency. A simple history of night blindness can be used as a diagnostic indicator for vitamin A deficiency (972) and is especially useful in areas where vitamin A deficiency is endemic. As noted previously, Bitot spots are considered pathognomonic for vitamin A deficiency. Individuals who have had longstanding clinical vitamin A deficiency may develop irreversible squamous metaplasia of the conjunctiva, and Bitot spots in these individuals may not respond to vitamin A therapy. Thus, Bitot spots may not necessarily represent active vitamin A deficiency, especially among school-aged children. Infants or children with corneal xerosis, corneal ulceration, or keratomalacia are at an extremely high risk of dying, and great...

High Risk Groups

This illustration shows a healthy liver above, and a diseased liver below. Liver disease in alcoholics progresses from an enlargement of the liver to cirrhosis, which is characterized by liver scarring and is usually fatal unless alcohol consumption ceases. Custom Medical Stock Photo, Inc. Reproduced by permission. This illustration shows a healthy liver above, and a diseased liver below. Liver disease in alcoholics progresses from an enlargement of the liver to cirrhosis, which is characterized by liver scarring and is usually fatal unless alcohol consumption ceases. Custom Medical Stock Photo, Inc. Reproduced by permission.

Global Distribution

Blindness 1.0 , (2) prevalence of Bitot spots 0.5 , (3) prevalence of corneal xerosis and or ulceration 0.01 , (4) prevalence of xerophthalmia-related corneal scars 0.05 (600). Supportive biochemical evidence of deficiency is a prevalence of serum retinol 5 (600). Vietnam. The prevalence of xerophthalmia has declined in Vietnam since the mid-1980s. In a survey in 1985 of 14,238 preschool children in the Hanoi region and the provinces of Vinh Phu, Ha Nam Ninh, Ha So.n Binh, and Hai Phong, the overall prevalence of xerophthalmia was 0.78 . Active corneal xerophthalmia was found in 0.08 , and 0.13 of children had corneal scarring from xerophthalmia (605). In 1984, a study of 2207 preschool children in Hoang Thi Luy, Ngo Nhu, and Phan Ke Ton and the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City showed that 0.24 had night blindness, 0.13 had Bitot spots, 0.13 had corneal xerosis, and 0.27 had corneal scarring (606). In the Vietnam National Blindness Survey conducted 1985-1988, of 34,214 preschool children,...



The complications of Heller myotomy include intraoperative perforation (treated by over-sewing the tear, and buttressing with gastric fundus), recurrence of symptoms (typically the result of incomplete myotomy or addition of a fund-oplication that is too tight) and esophageal leak.67,70,109,125 Concern exists about performing a Heller myotomy after previous non-surgical therapies, as this may incur a higher complication rate. While previous treatment by balloon dilatations or BoTox injection seems to result in scar forma


Approximately two million Americans suffer from liver damage caused by alcohol abuse. About 10 to 20 percent of heavy drinkers will develop cirrhosis of the liver, which is characterized by scarring of the liver and causes irreversible damage. If heavy drinkers do not stop drinking, cirrhosis can cause poor health and, ultimately, death. In addition to cirrhosis, heavy drinkers may suffer from chronic liver disease or alcoholic hepatitis.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

Acne is a name that is famous in its own right, but for all of the wrong reasons. Most teenagers know, and dread, the very word, as it so prevalently wrecks havoc on their faces throughout their adolescent years.

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