Ironclad Body Training System

Ironclad Body Training System

About the Author

Rafal is the power and the source of the knowledge laid down in this program. The author believes that movement is medicine and that is what he wants to teach people in this program. According to him, there are several fundamental patterns that we as human being should be following. He adds that in the world we are living in today, we are bound to fail.

The author has received clients from all walks of life for the nine years he has been practicing this career. He receives people that want to facilitate weight loss, those that want to perform better, those looking for rehabilitation and many others.

All the people that come to him have different goals and eventually get different outcomes. This means that his program is not promising the same results with each and everybody.

Rafal has been practicing his career as a trainer for the last nine years. This is actually the main reason why I think you can trust him. He has the experience and expertise to help you deal with aches and pain. His main goal is to have you moving and feeling better fast enough so you can resume normal life.

What is the program about and what will you get?

The IronClad Body training system is a program that will greatly help you get along your daily activities without aches and pains. The program goes deep to explain and train people on how to apply different but simple methods to deal with pain and aches.

The program requires you to do a simple test to determine which level of the program you need. As a matter of fact, you can choose any of the levels depending on several factors determined by the test. The levels include:

  • Level 1-Beginner
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3-For the advanced.

The program offers you four months of programming strength and mobility workouts to follow and to build your own IronClad body. Am convinced that this is the closest thing to online coaching. The program also offers about 200 videos that will be giving you a visual explanation of what is required of you. The videos gives you exercise demonstration and exercise tutorials which are aimed at making it easy for you to achieve your goals.

You will read the program in every section and get some video demonstrations. Each section has helpful tips which are aimed at making it easier for you to understand the book itself.

The author claims that movement is medicine and that is what most patients are lacking in the market today. He believes that that movement is what many people need to improve the quality of their lives.

What does the program include?

As a guide to make you deal with pain, feel better faster and get back to your normal life, it should have all the details. Upon purchasing this program, you will get the below topics:

  • Principles and training methods-This is the first topic with in-depth and details on how to train and how the author applies his skills to the clients. He gives all the details about how to deal with pain and improve mobility.
  • Functional Assessment-The program has a functional assessment which makes it easy to determine what program you should follow based on your body moves.
  • Three Different programs-As I had already stated the author gives three programs after you have assessed yourself. The programs are for Beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Four months of the program-Now you will be offer a full program that will be part of you for four months. This will help strength and mobility.
  • Over 200 Video Exercise-You now get over 200 videos with demonstrations and exercise tutorials to help you achieve your goals.
  • Audio versions-You read the book, get the video demonstrations and now audio versions that also has some helpful tips to help you get the program faster.

Who is the program for and is it actionable?

This program is for everybody that wants to improve joint function and health, those that wants to improve movement quality, those that wants to get stronger, to improve grip strength, deadlift like a badass and those that wants to complete some body weight chin ups and pull-ups.

What is the format of the product?

The main product is available in downloadable PDF formats. You also get videos for illustrations and audios for additional tips. This means you have the product in almost every format to make you understand it with ease and implement all the tips and tricks discussed inside.

What problems can the product help to solve?

This product was created to help people deal with pain and aches. These are the most common problems that majority of people encounter but very few know how to deal with them at home.

Ironclad Body Training System
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