Eating For Energy Raw Food Diet Review

Eating For Energy The Ultimate Energy Diet

The raw food diet is a very popular weight loss and healthy eating plan but the problem is there are too many gurus who tell you to eat different things. You can get confused easily and quite frankly, you can end up doing it all wrong. Another down side to raw food diets is that they usually require a truckload of random ingredients – most of which you’ve never heard of and are really hard to find.

Eating for Energy is a great new program that is based around the raw food diet but cuts out all the gourmet side of things as well as making it easier for you to follow the raw food diet. You don’t have to spend hours and days making recipes, you won’t need to go to any specialist stores to buy ingredients and you can still follow the raw food diet and get all the benefits of eating healthily.

Eating for Energy was designed by a guy from Total Wellness Consulting called Yuri Elkaim who ended up losing all his hair (literally it just fell out!) because of his diet. He had no energy, ever and realised that something needed to change. He created this special program simply to increase his energy levels but over time he has discovered that it’s the healthiest way to eat and that you can lose weight easily on this program too.

Another downside to the usual raw food diets is that you can end up alienating yourself from your family and friends because usually raw food tastes like crap. However, this raw food diet is the kind that you can actually enjoy – your raw food recipes will actually taste good and you can share them with your family and friends – even in the winter!

Even if you’ve never been able to lose weight or you have tried every diet on the planet, this kind of raw food diet will help you. It’s not the usual raw food diet that’s hard to stick to – you will find it much easier than other diets and that is why it’s becoming so popular.


I highly recommend this version of the raw food diet purely because it’s not the norm. You won’t feel like you’re starving yourself and you can start enjoying your life. A life without processed foods and massively improved energy levels has to be something you want right?

Eating For Energy The Ultimate Energy Diet
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