ARG is a conditionally essential dibasic AA, synthesized in the kidney from gut-derived citrulline.1617

The typical American diet contains ~3 to 6 g/day of ARG, mainly from plant sources. Healthy adults can synthesize it in sufficient quantities. However, during periods of rapid growth or injury, the demand for ARG may not be met by such synthesis, and it is thereby placed in the conditionally essential AA category.

ARG is involved in the transport, storage, and excretion of nitrogen; in polyamine synthesis (important for cell division); and as a substrate for nitric oxide (NO) and creatine biosynthesis.16 Arginine (ARG) is also used clinically as a test for growth hormone deficiency (GHD).18 All of these factors have made ARG a popular candidate for study as an ergogenic aid. With regard to sports applications, the following areas are of interest:

  • Research about ARG and GH
  • ARG supplementation and NO production
  • ARG, exercise, and performance
  • Other sport concepts and applications
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