It is important to exploit the role of the acylcarnitines because an increase in their formation is directly linked to an increase in acetyl-CoA while free carnitine levels decline in the muscle.35 This yields no change in the overall carnitine level and maintenance of the acetyl-CoA:free CoA ratio. This will occur during all types and intensities of exercise. However, it is very important to also recognize follow-up in vivo studies examining muscle. They demonstrate that the full potential of PDC activity could be quickly reached and maintained.42-44 Furthermore, PDC activity was still fully active with low lactate accumulation, which was to be expected. These results suggest that in vivo examinations give a more accurate portrayal of the intricate system and role of carnitine in metabolism and can give us hints into the effectiveness of carnitine as an ergogenic aid.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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