Anemia contributes to 10% of maternal deaths in Asia and Africa. Antenatal iron supplementation needs to be heightened in many regions where the rates of maternal anemia are high. There is little evidence to suggest that anemia can increase the risk of PPH. Calcium supplementation in populations with low intakes of dietary calcium can reduce the risk of eclampsia and severe morbidity and mortality, although the optimal dosage remains unclear. Magnesium sulfate is an inexpensive means to prevent the risk of eclampsia among high-risk women with preeclampsia. However, in settings where home deliveries are common, it is unclear how management of preeclampsia with magnesium sulfate should be implemented. Maternal vitamin A supplementation reduced the risk of pregnancy-related mortality in one study; results of two other trials are awaited. Overall, there appears to be a role for nutrition interventions in reducing the risk of maternal mortality in the developing world, but antenatal programs with strong nutritional components that reach a high proportion of pregnancies need strengthening before a substantial impact can be achieved.

Keep Your Weight In Check During The Holidays

Keep Your Weight In Check During The Holidays

A time for giving and receiving, getting closer with the ones we love and marking the end of another year and all the eating also. We eat because the food is yummy and plentiful but we don't usually count calories at this time of year. This book will help you do just this.

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