Iron deficiency and anemia during pregnancy have functional outcomes for both the mother and the developing infant. The strong epidemiological data show a strong impact of anemia during the first trimester on the short-term outcomes of pregnancy such as gestational age and birth weight. The severity of iron deficiency and anemia over the course of pregnancy appears to be a determinant of postnatal development of infants and their neurodevelopment in the first and second years of life. As it is very difficult to begin oral iron treatment before the 8-10th week of pregnancy, due to failure of many women to seek clinical care before this time, it might be prudent to adopt the approach of the folic acid supplementation recommendations and suggest that women who plan to become pregnant be certain their iron status is good. This means the serum ferritin should be higher than 40-50 mcg/l prior to pregnancy and the woman should be quite faithful in her consumption of modest doses of iron supplements [6].

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