M Hulls in rice byproducts

Rice bran, sometimes called rice pollard, is used extensively in rice growing areas of the world. The major variable affecting nutritive value, is the content of hulls, which are essentially indigestible for poultry. A major component of hulls is lignin, and this reacts with the reagent phloroglu-cinol to produce a color reaction. The reagent is produced by combining 1 g of phloroglucinol with 80 ml 2M HCl and 20 ml ethanol. The rice by-product is mixed 1:2 with reagent and held at about 25°C for 10 minutes. Development of red color will be directly proportional to hull content. Actual hull content and a color score-card are necessary to 'calibrate' the assay.

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

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