Diet specifications

Table 3.1 shows diet specifications for Leghorn pullets, while Table 3.2 provides comparable data for brown egg birds. These nutrient specifications are intended for guidelines in diet formulation when general growth and development (as outlined by the primary breeders) is the goal of the rearing program. Pullets are grown under a range of environmental conditions and housing systems and these can influence nutrient needs. In most situations, variable management conditions influence energy needs, and so it is important to relate all other nutrients to energy level. In hot climates for example, the pullet will eat less and so nutrients, such as amino acids, will have to be increased accordingly. Pullets grown on the floor, rather than in cages, will eat more feed, and so amino acid levels can be reduced. The diet specifications are based on using conventional ingredients where nutrient digestibility is fairly predictable. When non-standard ingredients are used, it is essential to formulate to more stringent standards of digestibility, such as for digestible amino acids. Tables 3.3 - 3.6 show examples of diet formulations using corn, wheat or sorghum with and without meat meal.

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