Dehydrated Alfalfa

Dehydrated alfalfa meal can be quite high in protein (18 - 20%) although because the product is heated during drying, availability of essential amino acids such as lysine is often 10 to a 20% below expected values. Alfalfa is very high in fiber content, and is most often added to poultry diets as a source of xanthophylls for pigmentation, or as a source of so-called unidentified growth factors.

Alfalfa products should contain a minimum of 200,000 IU vitamin A activity per kg, although in most cases this will only be 70% available. In order to achieve intense yellow skin color in broilers or egg yolk color of □ 10 on the Roche scale, diets should contain 5% alfalfa as one source of xanthophylls in the diet. Alfalfa levels much in excess of 5% have only a moderate effect on pigmentation and so other natural or synthetic sources must be used to ensure consistently high levels of pigmentation. At high levels of inclusion (20%) problems can arise due to the saponins and phenolic acids normally present in alfalfa. If alfalfa contains any appreciable mold count, then estrogen level can be high. Fresh grass is thought by some nutritionists to contain an unidentified growth factor which is of particular significance to turkeys, although much of this factor is destroyed by the dehydrating process. Even so, many nutritionists still insist on adding 1 - 2% dehydrated alfalfa to turkey feeds, especially pre-starter and starter diets. The addition of small quantities of alfalfa also impart a darker color to diets which helps mask any minor fluctuations in appearance due to regular changes in formulations. The quality of alfalfa products has been improved considerably in recent years due to the use of inert gas storage, pelleting and addition of antioxidants.

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

Pregnancy Diet Plan

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