Bakery meal

Other Names: Cookie meal, bread meal Nutritional Characteristics:

Bakery meal is a by-product from a range of food processing industries. In order to ensure consistent composition, individual products must be blended or the supplier large enough to provide adequate quantities from a single manufacturing process. The most common by-products come from bread and pasta manufacture, as well as cookies and snack foods. By-products from snack foods can be quite high in salt and fat. Bakery meal is often derived from pre-cooked products and so digestibility is often higher than for the original starch components.

Fillers are sometimes used to improve flow characteristics of high-fat bakery meals. The most-common fillers are soybean hulls and limestone which influence nutritive value accordingly. The metabolizable energy value of bakery meal can be described as:

4000- (100x% fiber + 25 x % ash) kcal/kg with 4% fiber and 3% ash, ME becomes 3525 kcal/kg

Potential Problems:

Quality control programs must ensure consistent levels of sodium, fiber and ash.

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