Nutrition and the Well Child

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1 Nutritional Assessment: Dietary Evaluation 1

Kristy M. Hendricks. RD. MS, ScD

2 Nutritional Assessment: Anthropometrics and Growth . 8

3 Nutritional Assessment: Clinical Evaluation 52

Kristy M. Hendricks. RD. MS. ScD

4 Laboratory Assessment of Nutritional Status 66

Clodagh M. Umghrey. MD. MRCP. MRCPath Christopher Duggan, MD. MPH

5 Nutritional Requirements:

Dietary Reference Intakes 77

Linda Gallagher Olsen. MEd. RD

6 Breastfeeding 86

Jill Koslka Fulhan. MPH. RD

7 Introduction of Solids 106

Lauren R. Furuta. MOE. RD

8 Feeding Guidelines for Children and Adolescents... 116

9 The US Department of Agriculture's Food

Guide Pyramid 131

Imiirie A. Higgins, RD

10 Vegetarian Diets 1.15

Heidi Schauster. MS. RD

11 Sports Nutrition 141

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